Darby Manning

Software Engineer
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A seasoned, self-taught Software Engineer with experience in both agencies and private companies, using technology to solve real-world problems.


  1. Software Engineer

    Infinity Health
    • Redesigning the UI for Infinity web-app and native app
    • Building the Infinity mobile app using React Native
    • Rebuilding the Infinity web-app using Svelte and SvelteKit
  2. Software Engineer

    • Working as the sole designer and Engineer on projects, responsible for the creative concepts and fully developed outputs of award winning projects
    • Creating bespoke and reusable vanilla JavaScript modules
    • Creating an in-house boilerplate used by the team
  3. Software Engineer

  4. Software Engineer

  5. Designer, Software Engineer

    KBA Marketing
  6. CEO, Designer, Software Engineer

    Creative Little Dots
  7. -
A truly beautiful man


  1. Infinity

    Web App and Native App React Native, Expo, Svelte, SvelteKit, Bun, Bun test, Playwright, WebSockets and Zod
  2. Vector Suite

    Marketing Site and Web App Svelte, SvelteKit, Hygraph and Zendesk
  3. The Lane

    Marketing Site React, Next.js, Contentful and React Testing Library
  4. Mosaic Middle East

    Marketing Site Svelte, SvelteKit, WordPress API and Stripe


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