My approach...

In terms of my design philosophy, I feel that it is important to look at the project from the perspective of the client, this is a core tactic I use in creating a justifiable design solution. In a sense the most challenging part of the task we have as designers is client communication and translation of the tasks set out by the client themselves. Helping clients discover the true goals of any project and then working alongside them to find viable, rational solutions is a key component of the designers' skillset.

From a more practical perspective, I have my own meticulous methodology for Photoshop project structuring. After years of real world experience working as a front-end developer on projects of all sizes it became apparent to me that the way in which websites are traditionally made doesn't translate well when passed over to a modern frontend team. By using the BEM naming convention along with componentised assets, linked smart objects and a folder structure that mirrors the ITCSS architecture the transition to development is seamless.

Using both the philosophical and practical methods outlined above I have been very successful in bringing the full frontend stack into the present which this has enabled me to work as efficiently as possible within an agile team.

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